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The ACE Report

ACE Report One Hour Video Series Addressing Health Impacts From Toxic Exposure.

Programs Educate While Advocating Precaution and Prevention.

From 1997 to 2012, ACE Produced 97 One Hour TV Shows and Special Reports That Focused

On Links Between Toxic Exposures, The Health Crisis In The Greater Pottstown Region,

And The Three Major Polluters, Which ACE Called "The Toxic Triangle".


Individual Programs May Be Purchased For $10.00 Based On Availability - Call (610) 326-2387

ACE Report #1 Toxic Community Environmental Overview: October, 2000 Greater Pottstown Area

ACE Report #2 Regional Superfund Sites November, 2000

ACE Report #3 Chemical Exposure and Disease: December, 2000

Janette Sherman, M.D. Internal Medicine – Toxicology

ACE Report #4 Tooth Fairy Project and Radiation Health Effects: January, 2001 Joseph Mangano – Radiation Public Health Project Director

ACE Report #5 Exposure Health Risks, Including Dioxin: March, 2001 Dr. Jean Flood – Area Physician

ACE Report #6 Chemical Health Harm – Personal and National: May, 2001

Linda Price King – Environmental Health Network

ACE Report #7 Citizens Opposed – Unnecessary Risks and Threats From:

Pottstown Landfill Gas Pipeline Project July, 2001

ACE Report #8 Victims of Our Toxic Damaged Community: August, 2001

Describe Their Health Symptoms From Overexposure

ACE Report #9 Interview – Lois Gibbs of Love Canal Fame: September, 2001

Similarities of Pottstown and Love Canal

ACE Report #10 Lois Gibbs, Director of CHEJ, Community Presentation:

Inspirational Message On How to Win Environmental Justice November, 2001

ACE Report #11 Emergency Preparedness Part 1 January, 2002

ACE Report #12 Emergency Preparedness Part 2 February, 2002

ACE Report #13 Pollution & Politics March, 2002

ACE Report #14 Dioxin / Blue Vinyl April, 2002

ACE Report #15 Candidates Environmental Positions May, 2002

Press Conference – Bucket Brigade Citizens Air Monitoring /Blue Vinyl

ACE Report #16 Pottstown Landfill Vertical Expansion/ June, 2002

Risks to Public Health and Safety

ACE Report #17 ACE Cancer Study Analysis July, 2002

Guest - Linda Price King – Director Environmental Health Network

ACE Report #18 PVC& The Greater Pottstown Area Sept, 2002

Guests – Judith Helfand Star &Co-producer of “Blue Vinyl” – Bill Smedley, Greenwatch

ACE Report #19 Candidates and the Environment Oct. 2002

Congress - Dan Wofford, State Senate - Rick Jacobs, State Representative Dan Weand

ACE Report #20 Chemical Injury and Your Legal Rights Nov. 2002

Guests – Baron & Budd - Dallas, Texas Mueller Law – Austin, Texas

ACE Report #21 Public Health and Safety / Pottstown Landfill Jan. 2003

ACE Report #22 ACE Health Survey March, 2003

ACE Report #23 Preventing Illnesses Linked to Pollution May,2003

Dr. Fred Winter

ACE Report #24 Pottstown Landfill Gas / Air Pollution / July, 2003

Public Health

ACE Report #25 ACE Press Conference Aug. 2003

Response To Waste Management’s Claim of No Health Risk

ACE Report #26 A Polluter’s Playground - Greater Pottstown Area Oct. 2003

ACE Report #27 Press Conference, Joseph Mangano, RPHP Director Nov. 2003

Tooth Fairy Results Around Limerick Nuclear Plant

ACE Report #28 Landfill Closure / Cancer Study Town Meeting Jan. 2004

ACE Report #29 Clearing The Air Mar.2004

Cancer Studies, Landfill Air Pollution, Non-Burn Technology

ACE Report #30 Special Guest – Senator John Rafferty April 2004

Landfill Legislation / Environmental Legal Loopholes

ACE Report #31 TCE Air and Water Contamination May, 2004

Pottstown Landfill Health and Closure Issues

ACE Report #32 ACE Analysis June, 2004

Pottstown Air Toxics Report” “Pottstown Landfill Cancer Study”

ACE Report #33 Nuclear Power Plants, Health, and Safety Aug., 2004

Special Guest - Ernest Sternglass, Ph.D.

ACE Report #34 Candidates Environmental Report Card Oct., 2004

And Your Family’s Health

ACE Report #35 Limerick Nuclear Power Plant / Radiation Health & Safety Nov., 2004

Guest: Joesph Mangano – Radiation & Public Health Project

ACE Report #36 UPDATE - Pottstown Landfill / Well Contamination Dec., 2004

Guest: Concerned Mother, Lisa Smoyer

ACE Report #37 Occidental Chemical Closing / Superfund Update February, 2005

Dr. Henry Cole – ACE TAG Advisor

ACE Report #38 Major Closure Issues March, 2005

Pottstown Landfill and Occidental Chemical

ACE Report #39 Pottstown Landfill, Defacto Superfund Site April, 2005

Julie Gallisdorfer – Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner

ACE Report #40 Closure Committee Oversight Expert Reports June, 2005

Pottstown Landfill

ACE Report #41 Your Health and the Environment – Part 1 July, 2005

Fred Winter, M.D.

ACE Report #42 Need For Non-Burn Technologies August, 2005

ACE Report #43 Fate of Superfund September, 2005

Occidental Chemical Superfund – Past, Present, and Future

ACE Report #44 Concerned Mothers October, 2005

Urge Community Action For Legal Help

ACE Report #45 Announcing RadAlert Network December, 2005

Joseph Mangano, Radiation and Public Health Project

ACE Report #46 Toxic Triangle / Toxic Turnaround - Update January, 2006

ACE Report #47 Nuclear Power / 20 Years Of Problems and Concerns March, 2006

Joe Mangano, Radiation and Public Health Project

ACE Report #48 Recycling – “Thinking Outside The Box” April 19, 2006

Jim Crater, Recycling Services, Inc.

ACE Report #49 Unfolding Disaster of Nuclear Waste / Limerick Casks May, 2006

Kevin Kamps, Nuclear Information Resource Service

ACE Report #50 Environmental Heroes and Villains August, 2006

ACE Report # 51 The Environment, & Your Family’s Health October, 2006

Candidates Report Card - IV

ACE Report #52 Occidental Chemical Superfund Site November, 2006

On-Going Threats / Long Term Solutions

ACE Report #53 Radiation Health Impacts, Limerick Nuclear Plant Threats December, 2006

Guest Joseph Mangano, Radiation and Public Health Project

ACE Report #54 Public Costs For Limerick Nuclear Power Plant’s January, 2007

Deadly High-Level Radioactive Wastes

ACE Report #55 NRC’s Failure to Protect Public Health and Safety February 2007

Guest – Joseph Mangano – Radiation and Public Health Project

ACE Report #56 Occidental Chemical Superfund Site March 2007

Complete Clean-Up & Precaution Imperative

Guest - Dr. Henry S. Cole – ACE TAG Advisor

ACE Report #57 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Save Money & The Environment April 2007

Featuring – Jim Crater, Recycling Services Inc.

Guest – Barbara Wilhelmy, TCN

ACE Report #58 Your Health and Financial Costs May June 2007

Of Pottstown Landfill’s Toxic Legacy

ACE Report #59 Solar Power – Personal Energy Independence July August 2007

ACE Report #60 Environmental Issues With Senator John Rafferty September 2007

ACE Report #61 Deception Jeopardizes Safe Redevelopment October 2007

Occidental Chemical Superfund Site, Pottstown

Guest – ACE TAG Advisor – Dr. Henry S. Cole

ACE Report #62 TCE Health Threats and Solutions November 2007

Guest – Jon Goodman (PAW)

ACE Report #63 Threats / Concerns – Proposed Trash-to-Ethanol December 2007

Plant in Limerick Guest – Mike Ewall, Energy Justice Network

ACE Report #64 Air Pollution, Your Health & Limerick’s January 2008

Proposed Trash-to-Ethanol Plant

ACE Report #65 A Better Path to Restoration and Reuse: February 2008

Occidental Chemical Superfund

Guest: Dr. Henry S. Cole, Environmental Scientist

ACE Report #66 Threats to Water Quality and Supply March, 2008

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant

ACE Report #67 ACE Report Card On Occidental Superfund Clean-Up May, 2008

With Dr. Henry S. Cole

ACE Report #68 Reducing Toxic Chemical Exposures June, 2008

And Related Health Harms

ACE Report # 69 Assault On The Schuylkill River July, 2008

And Pottstown’s Public Water

ACE Report #70 PA Energy Policies With Senator John Rafferty August, 2008

ACE Report # 71 Campaign To Protect The Schuylkill River September, 2008

And Public Water

ACE Report #72 The 2008 Election: Environmental Crossroads October, 2008

ACE Report # 73 The Schuylkill River: Time For Action December, 2008

ACE Report #74 Limerick Nuclear Power Plant January, 2009

A Major Air Pollution Source

ACE Report #75 Public Costs Of Pollution March, 2009

Astronomical and Preventable

ACE Report #76 Limerick Nuclear Power Plant - Permit Renewal May, 2009

What Could That Mean To Your Family’s Future?

ACE Report #77 Thyroid Cancer Epidemic Around Limerick July, 2009

and Other Nuclear Plants - Joseph Mangano, RPHP

ACE Report #78 Solar Power Today December 2009

With Pat Hastings, Epoch Solar Innovations

ACE Report #79 Limerick Nuclear Power Plant’s Jan., 2009

Air Pollution Permit And Uprates

ACE Report #80 Occidental Chemical Superfund and EPA Feb. 2010

With Dr. Henry Cole, TAG Advisor

ACE Report #81 TCN Environmental Task Force Program March 2010

Organic Gardening and Composting

ACE Report #82 Nuclear Power's Health Threats and Financial Costs April, 2010

Joseph Mangano, Radiation and Public Health Project Director

ACE Report #83 Energy Funding Decisions and Our Future June, 2010

ACE Report #84 Limerick Nuclear Plant Threats July, 2010

From Operating Until 2049

ACE Report #85 Politics, The Money Trail, September, 2010

and Corporate Greed

ACE Report #86 PECO's Sky-High Electric Costs November, 2010

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant - A Major Factor

ACE Report #87 Limerick Nuclear Plant's January 2011

Major Threats To Drinking Water

ACE Report #88 Occidental Superfund Site Left Contaminated March, 2011

Final Report With Dr. Henry S. Cole

ACE Report #89 Lessons From the Japan Nuclear Disaster -

Why It Can Happen At Limerick Nuclear Plant May, 2011

ACE Report #90 Japan's Radiation Could Be 20 Times Chernobyl:

Take Protective Actions To Reduce Your Risks July 2011

ACE Report #91 Limerick Nuclear Plant's Deadly Radioactive Wastes:

A Ticking Time Bomb Aug., 2011

ACE Report #92 Environmental Impacts of Limerick Nuclear Plant

Past, Present, and Future Nov., 2011

ACE Report #93 Limerick Nuclear Plant Must Be Closed January, 2012

Its Electric Can Be Replaced

ACE Report #94 Announcing The New ACE Website - March, 2012

Focus on Limerick

Plus: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - Facts 1 Year Later

ACE Report #95 Limerick Nuclear Plant Must Shut Down May, 2012

Before It Melts Down

ACE Report #96 Family Emergency Planning For A Limerick Nuclear June, 2012

Disaster - “Why” and “How”

ACE Report #97 Limerick Nuclear Plant's August, 2012

Unprecedented Use And Abuse Of Public Water

With Special Guests: Charlie and Betty Shank


Special Reports

Dr. Paul Connett Hazards of Landfills

January, 1997 Chemistry Professor, St. Lawrence University

Landfill Gas Forum June, 1999

Linda Price King Is Your Environment Making You Sick?

September, 1998 Director and Founder, Environmental Health Network

Doris Rapp, M.D., In Pottstown, Exposure & Environmental Illness November, 1999 Nationally Acclaimed Expert in Environmental Medicine – Pediatric Allergist

Dr. Henry Cole Occidental Superfund Clean Up - Community Update

September, 2002 ACE Technical Assistance Advisor Reports On Lack of Progress

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