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1) Radiation - Reduce Risks
Evacuation - Emergency Planning Summary
3) Family Emergency Preparedness Planning

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"Limerick Nuclear Power Plant's Deadly Radioactive Wastes: A Ticking Time Bomb"
August 2011 #91

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal Is NOT Good
For Your Health, Safety, or Environment

Reasons To Oppose Limerick License Renewal:

1. Radiation - Routine Emissions
2. Alarming Cancer Increases: Especially Children
3. Dangerous Air Pollution
4. Schuylkill River Depletion and Contamination
5. Radioactive Groundwater Contamination
6. High Level and Low-Level Radioactive Wastes
7. Accidents and Leaks From Aging / Corroding Equipment
8. Fires / Meltdowns
9. Target for Terrorist Attacks
10. Safe Evacuation An Illusion
11. NRC Negligence and Denial
12. Exelon Can't Be Trusted To Provide Full Timely Disclosure

Speak Out Now!
Say NO To Limerick
Operating Until 2049

The Alliance For A Clean Environment compiled research, permits, and other related information for over 11 years.

For Detailed Information On Limerick Nuclear Plant Issues Listed Above Or
To Arrange A Presentation For Your Family, Neighbors, Church, or Civic and Community Organization
Contact: Dr. Lewis or Donna Cuthbert (610) 326-2387

For more information on the harms and risks from nuclear power:

Action Alert - The Schuylkill River is at Risk!


  • The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is set to approve water use requests at the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant that will threaten the Schuylkill River Basin from Pottstown to Philadelphia.

  • Read how these approvals could lead to radioactive contamination, pollution, and depletion of our public waterway.

  • For more information on what you can do to protect the waters we use for drinking and recreation, contact ACE today at (610) 326-2387.

Action Alert - How Prepared for an Emergency is the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant?

Action Alert - Occidental Chemical Superfund Site: Buyer Beware!


Your health and safety ARE AT RISK
Read the statistics and find out how ACE is working to
"Protect Our Future."

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