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ACE Information

ACE The Alliance For A Clean Environment homepage, alerting the community to issues that effect our environment and our lives.

About Us An explanation of ACE's concerns and goals to hold our elected officials and polluters accountable for their actions.

Accomplishments A comprehensive list of ACE's activities and accomplishments over the past 12 months.

Ace Report A one hour video series covering issues such as emergency preparedness, exposure health risks, pollution and politics and much more. Includes interviews and presentations from guest speakers.

Contact Us The names and addresses of ACE President, Dr. Lewis Cuthbert and Vice President, Donna Cuthbert.

Donate There is no greater gift you can give your children and grandchildren then clean, safe air. Support ACE today!

Join Your membership makes us stronger as an organization and helps us to aggressively pursue your rights to clean, safe air. Become a part of the solution, join today!

Mission Statement ACE formal statement regarding its goals to educate the public and government officials regarding the effects of, and eliminate, exposures to hazardous substance.

Awards View awards received by the ACE website.

Position Statement ACE position statement regarding possible legal action taken in the greater Pottstown area.

ACE Forum A message board for your comments, opinions and feedback on environmental issues, ACE actions or the ACE website.

ACE Newsletter Menu List of The ACE Report newsletters and description of each.

Health Crisis

What We Know Scientific Evidence and PA Cancer Registry Statistics - what we know and what we MUST find out.

EPA Article Article titled "EPA moves to protect kids from chemicals".

Chemical Exposure Chemical exposure and disease in the Greater Pottstown area.

What Causes Cancer? Provides the latest on Cancer Project studies, info from around the world and editorials.

Fetal Vulnerability Studies show that fetal deaths climb with air pollution.

Are Children At Risk? The link between pollution and the health threats to our children.

    Development Excerpts from a report published on the SafeKidsNow website.

    Our Children Read facts and solution for cleaning up the environment for our children and ourselves.

    Answers Why Read facts about why our children, as well as the elderly, are more at risk.

    Parent's Guide A parent's guide to reducing children's environmental health risks.
Learning Disabilities Statistics provided by Penn State graduate students.

Breast Cancer Report A report suggesting a link between breast cancer and chlorine-based synthetic chemicals.

Breast Cancer Statistics Read Pennsylvania cancer registry statistic comparisons for the greater Pottstown area.

Cancer Study Article in the Pottstown Mercury announcing a proposed $290,000 health study.
    ACE Responds ACE's in depth response to cancer study initiated by Senator James Gerlach and Representative Mary Dailey.

    Article Article concerning the proposed cancer study initiated by Gerlach and Dailey.

    Politics of Health Studies Epidemiology was developed to look at epidemics, not victims of multiple toxic exposures.

    Summary of Cancer Study ACE's analysis of the proposed $290,000 cancer study for Montgomery, Berks and Chester Counties.

    Dr. Baum Information regarding Dr. Baum, director of the proposed health study.

Press Documents

August 27, 2002 Press conference, Holiday Inn in Pottstown concerning Occidental Chemical (Pottstown) Superfund site contamination.

April 26, 2002 A list of related documents that were presented at the last press conference highlighting the latest initiative, The Bucket Brigade.

    News Article The Pottstown Mercury article covering the press conference.

    Dr. Lewis Cuthbert Press conference statement.

    Alarming Facts Statistics for Montgomery County and the Greater Pottstown Area.

    Pottstown Mayor Nancy Jones Press conference statement.

    Bucket Brigade More details about the bucket brigade as well as information about the One Day Workshop, September 23, 2002.

    Blue Vinyl This clever and poignant film reveals a complex web of alleged corporate conspiracies and the tragic loss of human life from chemical exposure.

    Donna Cuthbert Press conference statement.

    Occidental Chemical What our community needs from Occidental Chemical.

    Schools A list of schools operating within a short distance from Occidental Chemical.

    Vinyl Chloride The health effects of Vinyl Chloride.

    Dioxin Factsheet with information from the EPA regarding the toxic effects and more.

    PVC Phase-Out Industries and businesses who either eliminated or began working towards a PVC phase-out in their products and facilities.

    Organizations Organizations calling for Phase-Out of PVC.

    Transition A transition from PVC to safer alternatives.

    Poison Plastic More about PVC, the poison plastic.

    Victims of Exposure Louise Simon and Anita Martens

    Ace Report A comprehensive video series detailing the causes and effects of the health crisis in our neighborhood. Guests include Lois Gibb (Love Canal), Dr. Jean Flood and many more.

Action Alerts

Action Alerts Page A list of current action alerts providing information that includes addresses, phone numbers, and links.

Health Survey ACE preliminary household health survey.

Petition To stop the use of radioactive waste in consumer products.

Landfill Permits Write your elected officials regarding three pending Pottstown Landfill permits.

Say No To Radiation Say NO to DEPís Radiation UNprotection Plan which will allow Waste Management in Pottstown and other landfill operators across the state to accept radioactive wastes. (note: deadline passed)

    UNprotection Plan Learn more about the DEP's plans which will open the flood gates for wastes containing radioactive materials.

    Testimony ACE testimony at the PA DEP public hearing regarding Pottstown Landfill/Radiation Protection Action Plan.

    Radiation Exposure Read information regarding the effects of exposure to low-level radiation.

    Expert Comment David Ritter, policy analyst for the Citizen's Critical Mass Energy & Environment program, comments.

    No Safe Dose Read excerpts taken from works by experts on the subject of radiation.

    Radiation in Consumer Goods Read about radioactive wastes in household items, building materials, etc.
Enviro Bill Environmental Harassment Bill, SB 1257, legislation which is obviously designed to have a chilling effect on citizen activism.

Governor Rendell Contact Governor Rendell and tell him you need him to protect our families in the Greater Pottstown area.

Questionnaire Send this questionnaire to politicians to find out where they stand on protecting you from further environmental harm.

Report Pollution Report any strange odors to the PA Department of Environmental Protection anytime, day or night.

OxyChem Alert Read how you can help by emailing, faxing or phoning state representatives.

DEP Alert  File review process denies the public information.


Toxic Turnaround Initiative In an attempt to reverse the dangerous toxic trend in the Greater Pottstown area, ACE has developed this initiative, supported by the Pottstown's Mayor Nancy Jones. Read the detailed description of each step.

    Reasons ACE's quest for awareness and solutions to toxic exposure led to several national experts, detailed on this page.

Occidental Chemical Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a plant that manufactures PVC emits thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals into our air. Included are more details about OxyChem's location and other important facts.

    Community What our community needs from Occidental Chemical. Includes a transition to safer alternatives as well as a withdrawal from the pipeline project.

    Deception Examples of dangerous industry deception about Dioxin and DEHP, a prefect illustration of how corporations use money, power and connections to purchase industry friendly science.

    DEP Hearing Testimony given by ACE Vice President, Donna Cuthbert, at a Department of Environment Protection hearing regarding Occidental Chemical Title V permit which allows them to increase toxic emissions by 310%.

    Effects Occidental Chemical's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data air pollution releases calculated by health effects.

    Emission Statistics A fact sheet regarding OxyChem's toxic emissions released into the Greater Pottstown area.

    Inventory OxyChem's 1999 self reported Toxic Release Inventory air emissions.

    Organizations Organizations calling for a phase-out of PVC plastics.

    OxyChem Permit Public meeting concerning Occidental's 5 year air permit.

    Physician's Petition Physician's of Pottstown Memorial Medical Center signed a petition to Pennsylvania DEP to reverse the Landfill Gas Pipeline decision.

    Poison Plastic A fact sheet regarding PVC, the most environmentally damaging plastic. Included are alternatives, as well as a list of businesses and industries phasing out this dangerous plastic.

    PVC Phase-Out National campaign developed by Peopleís Dioxin Action Summit to phase-out PVC in building materials.

    Releases OxyChem is number 1 in Vinyl Chloride releases in the entire United States. Included is the health effects of vinyl chloride.

    Schools School distances from OxyChem's hazardous air emissions.

    Superfund Included is information about the Superfund and the Superfund site at Occidental Chemical.

    Testimony Official written testimony from ACE, included with the DEP hearing concerning Occidental Chemical's operating permit.

    Timeline A detailed timeline of the Oxy site prior to and since Occidental purchased it in 1980.

    Transition Fact sheet concerning the transition towards safer alternatives to PVC.

    Toxic Data More on OxyChem's self reported TRI data.

    Why Get Involved? Nothing will be done to investigate the risks to your health UNLESS you get involved.

Landfill Gas Pipeline Issues, concerns, and facts: DEP air pollution permits for Occidental Chemical and Waste Management.

Stop Dioxin Exposure No exposure to Dioxin is safe and we must act now to end it. Several steps are outlined on this fact sheet.

Bucket Brigade An ACE community based air monitoring initiative that will include a one day workshop detailing why it is needed in our community along with instructions on how to use the buckets.

Pottstown Landfill Fact sheet about the Pottstown Landfill.
    Comparisons Landfill studies show same cancers are elevated as are elevated around Pottstown Landfill.

    Waste Management: Violations and Fines Information regarding Waste Management, owner of Pottstown Landfill, past violations and fines.

    Permit Summary Regarding the June, 2003 Waste Management permits submitted for approval to DEP.

    PL: The Facts ACE factsheet regarding the effects of the Pottstown Landfill and why there shouldn't be more permits or expansions.

    WM: Hall of Shame Explains Waste Management's tactics for getting permits approved.

    Permit Letter ACE letter regarding Amendment to Title V Operating Permit for Waste Managementís Pottstown Landfill.

      Cover Letter Cover letter for Amendment to Title V Operating Permit for Waste Managementís Pottstown Landfill.

    Landfill Gas Information regarding landfill gas.

    Landfill Air Pollution Report on the harmful health effects of Pottstown Landfill's air pollution.

    ACE Alert! Issues of concern about increased radiation threats to our air and water giving cause to a need for a public hearing.

    Radiation Radiation in the Pottstown Landfill and its threat to the Greater Pottstown area.

    Radiation II Read more regarding the dumping of radioactive waste at the Pottstown Landfill.

    Asbestos in Landfill Article about radioactive sludge in Pottstown Landfill.

    Expansion What the landfill expansion means to resident.

      What That Could Mean What another Pottstown Landfill expansion could mean to area residents.

      Effects Potential increased health threats to area residents.

      Shut Down Reasons why it's time to shut down the Pottstown Landfill.

      MCPC Opposed Montgomery County Planning Commission opposed the last Pottstown Landfill expansion.

      FAA Condemned The FAA condemned 4 previous landfill expansions because of safety risk to Pottstown Airport.

    ACE Letter ACE letter to David Allard, director of DEP Bureau of Radiation Protection dated April 9, 2001.

    Letter to DEP Letter to David Allard, director of the Bureau of Radiation Protection at the DEP.

    Letter to DEP Regional Director ACE letter to DEP director regarding the S.E. DEP office's support of Waste Management.

    Letter to FAA Letter to FAA regarding petition for review.

      Summary Summary regarding Pottstown Landfill, Pottstown Airport, and the FAA.

    ACE Request ACE requests that the Pottstown Landfill solid waste permit be denied.

    ACE Request II ACE letter to DEP requesting public meetings to clarify document on radioactive monitoring.

    Health Department Letter to the Montgomery County Health Department regarding high infant mortality rate in Pottstown.

    Transcripts Transcripts from the Landfill Gas Forum Testimony, dated June 7, 1999

    Why Test? Answers the question, why must gases be tested for radiation?

    Skeptical Why should the public be skeptical of DEP's 1996 radiation testing on leachate, soil, and groundwater?

    DEP's Response Includes facts about the history of radiation at the landfill and the Department of Environmental Protection response document of June 14, 2001.

    Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor concerning the high infant mortality rate in Pottstown, submitted by Dr. Lewis Cuthbert, President of ACE.

    ACE Board Letter Hard science keeps rolling in and piling up, air pollution kills and cripples..

    Dr. Winter Editorial Letter to the editor from Pottstown physician regarding the way our communities are being treated.

    Infant Mortality Mercury article addressing the infant mortality rate in Pottstown.

Dr. Winter Read Dr. Winter's letter requesting a hearing regarding a permit for Waste Management's landfill.

Recycling Waste Article concerning a federal proposal to recycle radioactive waste.

Editorial Editorial in the Mercury regarding Waste Management's expert test results on exposure to landfill leachate.

Call For Hearing Officials of the Pottstown Council call on DEP for public hearing concerning Waste Management plan to scan incoming garbage trucks for radiation FPL Project ACE asks DEP to deny a permit for the proposed FPL Power Plant.

    FPL Emissions Letter to the editor regarding FPL hazardous air emissions.

    CCLF Victory Congratulations to Concerned Citizens For Limerick's Future On Their Outstanding Victory.
2 Mothers, 2 Deaths Article concerning the deaths of two people from sewage sludge.

Sludge Report By Representative Camille "Bud" George.

CDC/NIOSH Warning Report concerning workers exposed to class B biosolids during and after field application.

Sludge in North Coventry List of harmful materials found in sewage sludge applied to land at Laurel Locks farm.

CDC Warning USA Today article: CDC sounds a warning on risk of sludge.


Dioxin Fact sheet explaining what dioxins are and their health effects.

    Effects More on what dioxins are and their health risks.

    Health Threat Included is information regarding dioxin health threat from Occidental's air emissions.

    Health Risks Health risks from living around Occidental PVC production and Pottstown Landfill gas combustion by-products.

PVC Factsheet, PVC is the most environmentally damaging plastic.

    Phase-Out Read about the organizations that are calling for a PVC phase-out.

    Transition Transition towards safer alternatives to PVC.

    PVC Alternatives Greenpeace Fact sheet listing alternatives to PVC.

    Organizations Organizations calling for phase-out of PVC.

Vinyl Chloride What it is, how humans are exposed, and what is the problem with vinyl chloride.

    Health Effects Read documented harmful health effects associated with vinyl chloride.

    Levels Included is information regarding EPA's cumulative exposure model using 1990 data showing vinyl chloride levels in Montgomery County.


PVC Phase-Out National campaign developed by Peopleís Dioxin Action Summit to phase-out PVC in building materials.

PVC Transition Fact sheet concerning the transition towards safer alternatives to PVC.

PVC Alternatives Greenpeace Fact sheet listing alternatives to PVC.

Alternatives to Incineration Greenpeace Fact sheet detailing alternatives to incineration.

Summary of Alternatives A Greenpeace report highlighting several alternatives to solvent, aerosols, etc.

Precautionary Principle A list of measures that are necessary to protect the physical, mental and social health of community residents.

Household Cleaners Details regarding the toxicity of household cleaners along with links to alternatives.

Personal Care Products Dangers of personal care products and links to alternatives.

Parent's Guide A parent's guide to reducing children's environmental health risks.

Stop Dioxin Exposure A national campaign aimed at reducing or eliminating dioxin exposure.

Toxic Turnaround Initiative ACE has taken steps to try to reverse the dangerous toxic trend in the Greater Pottstown Area.


Experts Page showcasing the experts with the books they've published.

Resources Environmental exposure and health information.

Experts II Information regarding chemical exposure and disease provided by experts in their respective fields.


Voter Poll 80% of Americans support comprehensive policy to phase out persistent toxic chemicals.

Emergency Preparedness 48 hour evacuation kit for chemical and radiation accidents.

Hidden Costs of Pollution The costs of not preventing pollution and disease are astronomical.

"Blue Vinyl" Information about the HBO special airing in May that follows the lifecycle of PVC.

PA DEP Includes the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection mission statement and more.

Statistics Alarming statistics for Montgomery County and the Greater Pottstown area.

Statistics II PA cancer registry statistics compare rates of cancers in Pottstown area to U.S. and tri-county.

The Toxic Triangle A major factor in childhood cancer rates for the greater Pottstown area.

Superfund Included is information about the Superfund and the Superfund site at Occidental Chemical.

PBS Report "Now" with Bill Moyers tracks the scientific search for answers about how environmental toxins affect America's children.

Testimonials The first of two testimonials from victims of the health effect related to exposure from vinyl chloride, a toxic chemical emitted from Occidental Chemical.

Trade Secrets A film documenting an investigation of the history of the chemical revolution and the companies that drove it.

EPA's Misuse of Science Environmental News interview with Dr. David L. Lewis, employee of the U.S. EPA regarding the way his agency handles science.

Science On Our Side Statistics and facts in recent air quality news.

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