Protecting Our Future
"Protecting Our Future"
The Alliance For A Clean Environment
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All of ACE officers and board members are volunteers. Members of ACE live in Montgomery, Berks and Chester Counties.

Since 1996, ACE has aggressively addressed a wide range of environmental issues which affect over 100,000 area residents.

Our region has become a severely toxic damaged community. Physicians from two area hospitals confirmed seriously elevated environmentally related illnesses. The Montgomery County Health Department did a cancer investigation that revealed a leukemia rate double that of PA, lung and cervical cancers were found to be "22% to 33% higher than our tri-county area.

State elected officials have ignored the well documented and researched evidence of harm which ACE has repeatedly supplied both to elected officials and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Within the past 2 years DEP issued 4 air pollution permits which will make things worse. We currently face two more pollution permits with further increased risks. Decisions, which will affect our future for decades are being made to benefit profits and politics, not public health and safety. DEP makes decisions on how to interpret its regulation based on the political will of those in charge.

The physicians at Pottstown and Phoenixville hospitals, several local officials, ACE, and many residents have asked the Governor to withdraw a recent permit that would increase Occidental Chemical's hazardous air emissions in Pottstown by more than 300%. In spite of the obvious threats to public health and safety, all requests have been ignored.

It is critical to get our elected state officials to be responsible to protect the public's right to safe air, clean water, and a healthy future.

The Toxic Turnaround Initiative

The heart and soul of ACE's mission, the Toxic Turnaround Initiative has been established with the Mayor, public officials, local health care professionals and the affected population, to address air pollution from multiple sources and the health problems that result from being exposed to those sources.

The Initiative includes the following: Community outreach to educate parents and schools about pesticides use and health effects; to continue our health survey to define patterns of environmental illnesses as a step toward prevention and; to expand radiation education and children's health issues.

Within the Greater Pottstown Area there are landfills, chemical manufacturing plants and superfund sites. There are also 6 nuclear power plants within a 50 mile radius. Parents are concerned about their children's health, but many of them have few resources to get help. ACE's "Initiative" has enlisted local and national professionals to do research to help improve quality of life. The efforts have documented alarming incidences of cancer and other illness in children. The mitigation and prevention of childhood diseases is the main focus of the Toxic Turnaround Initiative and ACE's concerns. Enough is enough!

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