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Anita Martens

"I believe that I and my family are victims of vinyl chloride, dioxin and other hazardous substances which Occidental Chemical in Pottstown emits into our air, while making PVC products."

"People need to know about the many illnesses plaguing my family. I would like somebody to please listen to me." I don't mean hearing you say, 'Oh, that's awful' and then 10 minutes later forget about it. One of these days, it may be your family plagued by these illnesses and you will wish you had done something to help. By then it'll be too late.

"So far these people have only had to deal with ACE and it's supporters. Now they'll have to deal with the wrath of an angry mother. The air we breathe is terrible. I stand out on the corner waiting for my son's school bus and I smell a strong odor of ammonia. I just found out that Occidental emits ammonia into our air too. It's disgraceful!"

About Me

  • I moved from Delaware County to Sanatoga in 1995. At that time I was healthy and also pregnant with my first child.
  • Within months of moving here, I developed sinus problems. There hasn't been a day that has gone by in the last 6 1/2 years that I haven't had to blow my nose.
  • I have had 8 lumpectomies had I have chronic bronchitis. Now, I use an inhaler to help me breathe.
  • I get brown spots all over my body and blistery rashes on my abdomen. Both of which have been diagnosed as fungus.
  • Four years ago, a large complex cyst with a septation was found on my left kidney. Every 6 months, the cyst is examined to make sure it hasn't turned into cancer.
  • I also have cysts on my liver and lately I have found it very difficult to stay awake.

About My Son
  • My son was 5 months old when he had his first epileptic seizure and he was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 14 months.
  • He also has very severe allergies that are due to the environmental conditions in the Greater Pottstown area. My little boy could literally die from some of these allergies.
  • When my son was 3 1/2 years old, he was being tested for leukemia. Thankfully, that test came back negative. However, the leukemia rate in the Pottstown area is more than double the rate of any other county in Pennsylvania.
  • This past summer, August 4th to be exact, my son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The toxic emissions that we are forced to breathe have been known to cause neurological disorders such as Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.
Tell me please, why is all of this happening to my son? Why does he have to live his life this way? My son doesn't deserve to have his life threatened every single day because certain politicians are looking to gain a little blood money from Occidental, the Pottstown Landfill and now the Gas Pipeline.

About My Daughter
  • My daughter has had head tremors and she also gets blistery rashes on her body. These rashes are painful to adults let alone small children.
  • Last year she had a severe yeast infection. She was 3 years old at the time. This infection was traveling down the inner portions of her thighs. I have read reports of the numerous children in this area that have had yeast infections. And I read the comments made by the people that are supporting the culprits responsible for the amount of toxins we breathe. They had the nerve to say that the yeast infections that these children are getting is the result of having sexual relations.
    Well, I am so fed up. Just let me hear one politician, one DEP agent or one mass murdering chemical plant say that about my child and so help me God!

    I have found 5-leaf clovers on my lawn. 4 leaf clovers are supposed to be lucky but in my opinion, a 5-leaf clover to me spells disaster. I have a 5 leaf clover here with me today. Could these clovers be making a statement for us about our air quality? I think so. This has got to stop and it has to stop now. Enough is enough.

    I am glad that Judith Helfand made her movie "Blue Vinyl." Hopefully more people will understand and believe the dangers my family faces from living around Occidental Chemical's emissions. I am also glad ACE is starting a "bucket brigade." I want to be one of the first people in line to get a bucket. Election day is right around the corner and it's time to get people in office who will actually help us get better air quality.

    P.O. Box 3063
    Stowe, PA 19464

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