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“Blue Vinyl”
A Toxic Comedy For The Whole Family

Join us for an incredible odyssey that follows the lifecycle of vinyl from Long Island, NY, to Mardi Gras in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to the heart of your very own home. Along the way, learn how much our reliance on vinyl (a.k.a. PVC plastic) could be costing communities, workers, children, our health and the environment. It's a journey you can't afford to miss.

Blue Vinyl will premiere on HBO’s award-winning documentary
series America Undercover Sunday, May 5 10:00 P.M.

Clever, poignant, and exhaustively researched, Blue Vinyl, co-produced by Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold, explores home, family, industry-sponsored science, and a culture that pits economics against human health. The odyssey to find an affordable and safer alternative to Judith’s “Parents'’ vinyl siding is the narrative line that connects the dots between the consumer, the PVC worker, and the folks who live near the vinyl factories, like Occidental Chemical in Pottstown. The film reveals a complex web of alleged corporate conspiracies and the tragic loss of human life from chemical exposure.


You can have a screening in your own home, or at your school, service club, or at any gathering of your choice. For information on how to watch Blue Vinyl contact:

P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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