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Our Children

Good Reason For

Alarm and Caution

Our Children are the Barometers
of Our Society’s Health

In Our Area, Childhood Cancer Deaths
Have Increased 71%
Children 1 to 14 / 1981-89 vs. 1990-98

Tremendous increases of unnecessary suffering and premature deaths of our children serve as a clear warning that something is very wrong in our area. Such increases in childhood cancer deaths can not and should not be dismissed or covered up by our elected officials or DEP.

Too many parents are forced to watch their children suffer and even die. Every day our children are put at great health risks because they are forced to breathe severely chemically contaminated toxic air, from major polluting industries like the Pottstown Landfill and Occidental Chemical. DEP has continued to hand out permit after permit to pollute our air, using outdated regulations, based on old science or no science at all. Protective standards for chemicals are used by DEP which are based on an average male, not our children. These standards do not take into account the cumulative or synergistic effects. Our children are forced to breathe all of it together. They cannot breathe one chemical at a time, the way DEP decides whether an individual chemical is safe or not.

What Can We Do?

The solution to protecting our children, our family and ourselves is to change the industrial practices that put toxic chemicals into our food, air, drinking water and soil in the first place.

We have to act and demand change – demand that our children be protected. But change doesn’t come just because it’s the right thing to do.

There are powerful interests that will try to stop the needed changes from taking place. It costs money to change production and to institute new waste management practices. But it also costs money for parents to take their children to the emergency room during asthma attacks and for governments to fund special educational classes for children who have learning difficulties. And the cost is far higher yet in needless suffering and the lost potential of human capital.

ACE has taken steps to try to reverse the dangerous toxic trend with the Toxic Turnaround Initiative that includes:

The Tooth Fairy Project, a national research project to measure radiation in baby teeth.

Childproofing Our Communities, a national campaign to reduce the exposure of our children to dangerous pesticides and cleaning chemicals at school.

Proactive Health Initiative, ACE consulted with national environmental health experts to get ideas for reducing health risks and improving the quality of life in our toxic damaged community that will help provide proactive assistance to those who are suffering from environmental exposures.

Your help is needed. If you would like to participate in or donate to this proactive health initiative or any of the other campaigns, programs or projects, please contact ACE.

Together we can make our community safer for our children, our families, and ourselves.

P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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