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Distances - From Occidentalís HAZARDOUS AIR Emissions To Greater Pottstown Area Schools

.2 MileMulberry Daycare (Little People Daycare)
.7 MileRupert Elementary School
.8 MileCoventry Christian School
.8 MileSt. Peters Elementary
.8 MileThe Goddard School
1 MileWee Care Child Development Center
1 MileWyndcroft School
1.3 MileThe Hill School
1.3 MileEdgewood Elementary School
1.4 MileEast Coventry Elementary School
1.5 MileSt. Pius High School
1.6 MileMontgomery Early Learning Center
1.8 MileSt. Johnís
1.8 MileWest-Mont Christian Academy
1.8 MileWarwick Child Care Center
1.8 MileYWCA
1.9 MileLower Pottsgrove Elementary School
1.9 MileRobinís Nest Child Care
1.9 MileYMCA
2 MilePottstown Senior High School
2 MilePottstown Middle School
2 MilePottsgrove Intermediate School
2 MileNorth Coventry School
2 MileSt. Aloysius School
2 MileEmmanual Luthern Pre-School
2.2 MileLincoln Elementary School
2.3 MileFranklin Elementary School
2.8 MileRinging Rocks Elementary School
2.8 MilePottsgrove Senior High School
3 MilePottsgrove Middle School
3 MileWell of Hope Christian Daycare School
3.1 MileBarth Elementary School

Did you realize 25 SCHOOLS are within 2 miles of Occidental?
31,000 residents live within 2 miles - homes of many of these children
7 other schools are within 3 miles of Oxy. We have not yet measured the schools downwind in Limerick, Royersford, Schwenksville, Spring City, and Collegeville but that will include thousands more children who are already exposed to a monumental health threat.

Too many children spend too much time too close, to be safe or healthy. Parents of children attending all the listed schools need to know how close their children are to Occidental Chemicalís Dangerous Air Emissions.
Does DEP recognize the severe risks to so many children?

  • Occidentalís Hazardous Air Emissions already threaten the health of the children attending all these schools with the #1 ranked carcinogen released in Montgomery County, VINYL CHLORIDE.
  • According to the Environmental Scorecard, based on TRI data, Oxy in Pottstown emits more of this potent carcinogen, VINYL CHLORIDE, than any other facility in the nation. Vinyl Chloride presents other serious health risks.
  • Thatís not all! Oxy emits other hazardous chemicals into the air these children breathe daily, which could cause many kinds of health harm to these children.

Burning Pottstown Landfill Gas in Occidentalís boilers for fuel would ADD enormous harmful health risks to so many children in so many schools. Burning Pottstown Landfill Gas at Occidental would:
  • Increase Occidentalís Hazardous Air Emissions by 310%, Including more VINYL CHLORIDE
  • Produce the 3rd source of DIOXIN within Ĺ mile
      1. Oxyís PVC;
      2. Pottstown Hospital Incinerator Ĺ Mile Away; and
      3. Burning Pottstown Landfill Gas
  • Add the 2nd source of RADIATION within .7 of a mile
      1. Limerick Nuclear Plant .7 Mile away;
      2. Pottstown Landfill gas
  • Greatly increase the risk from sulfur emissions


Children go out to the playground several times every day, some are involved in sports activities every day outdoors, and air intakes at schools draw in all these hazardous emissions. Thousands of children would be exposed to the added synergistic and cumulative harmful health effects of all the increased emissions in this concentrated area, not only through inhalation, but also from the soil they play on, and possibly eventually their water.

Please value our children.
DO NOT PERMIT Occidental to burn Pottstown Landfill gas as fuel in their boilers. How could DEP knowingly make a very dangerous situation much worse for so many children?

P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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