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The Alliance For A Clean Environment
“There Is No Greater Gift”
You Can Give Your Children and Grandchildren
“Than Clean, Safe Air and Water”

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ACE Is A Non Profit Organization
Everyone at ACE is a volunteer, but our expenses are mounting as our responsibilities and problems expand! Any amount is greatly appreciated.


Volunteer Your Time!
Even One Hour A Week Would Make A Difference
Phone Calls, Copying and Filing, Correspondence, Mailings, Delivering Fliers, Door to Door Surveys, Handing Out Information at Street Fairs and Malls, Computer Data Entry and Searches.

A Special Thanks!
To All Of You Who Have Already Donated Your Time and Money

United We Can Achieve A Toxic Turnaround!
Just As Victims of Love Canal, We Must Stand Together!

This is a Human Rights Issue!

Polluters have NO Inherent Right to poison our air, water, soil, and food. The more people who Join ACE, the more power we will have to more quickly achieve a “ToxicTurnaround”. We can stop or minimize serious threats to our health, safety, property values, and quality of life.

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ACE is asking for project money to support the "Toxic Turnaround Initiative." The Initiative includes the following: Community outreach to educate parents and schools about pesticides use and health effects; to continue our health survey to define patterns of environmental illnesses as a step toward prevention; to expand radiation education and children's health issues.