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Suggestions for Emergency Preparedness

48 Hour Evacuation Kit for Chemical and Radiation Accidents

   First Aid Kit

2.   Tool Kit, rope, matches

3.   Radio, cell phone if you have one - extra batteries.

4.   Water and food - food that is sealed and can be sealed again.

5.   Flash light and battery powered lantern - extra batteries.

6.   Toiletries - soap, toilet paper and moist towelettes.

7.   Blankets, sleeping bags

8.   Extra set of clean clothes and shoes for everyone in the family.

9.   Baby needs including: formula, bottles, diapers and baby food.

10.   Eating and cooking utensils. (plates, forks, spoons, knives, sharp knife, can opener, cups) Disposable, except for the sharp knife and can opener.

11.   Different size plastic bags to seal food, clothes, blankets and other things for protection of fallout.

12.   Body Protection kit: goggles, face protector, and hooded poncho.

13.   Wash cloth for everyone in the family. This is to be wet to cover the nose and mouth for protection and wipe the eyes.

14.   Medications

15.   Safety deposit box for valuable papers.

16.   At least $100 in cash.

17.   Can of gas in the garage.

18.   A map of the local area showing back roads. Family should have a route already decided on map - Have a plan B route if accident is near the first choice.

19.   Designate a place for all family members, friends or relatives to meet or a number to call within the first 24 hours of the accident.

20.   Have neighbors car pool to pick up children from school.

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