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Oxy Facts Sheet

Occidental Chemical Corporation has applied to DEP to increase their hazardous air emissions by 310% by burning landfill gas in their boilers to save money on their fuel.

Letís look at some facts about Occidental Chemical Corporation.

According to Occidentalís own 1997 self-reported toxic release data to EPA:
    1. Occidental is already the largest polluter in Montgomery County.
    2. Occidental is the largest emitter of chemicals in the county.
    3. Occidental had the largest total air emissions in the county.
    4. Occidental had the largest stack air emissions in the county.
    5. Occidental had the 6th largest fugitive air emissions in the county.
    6. Occidental was 2nd in the county for dumping toxics down the drain.
    7.Occidental is on the EPA Superfund list Ė this means there is something unsafe at Occidental already, that needs to be cleaned up.

Letís look at just one of the chemicals that Occidental listed in their permit to DEP to be increased, Vinyl Chloride:
    1. Vinyl Chloride is a known human carcinogen. It is known to cause liver and blood tumors, and liver cancer.
    2. Vinyl Chloride causes human reproductive problems by inhalation.
    3. Vinyl Chloride can result in immune reactions and nerve damage.
    4. Vinyl Chloride when heated to decomposition emits highly toxic fumes. Occidentalís boiler will be heating Vinyl Chloride in the gas. 5. Vinyl Chloride is a dangerous fire and explosive hazard when heated.
    6. 54% of Occidentalís toxic emissions are already Vinyl Chloride.
    7. Occidental was the #1 producer of toxic Vinyl Chloride emissions in the entire state of Pennsylvania in 1997, according to EPA. In 1997 Occidental released 120,000 pounds, or 60 tons, of Vinyl Chloride into our environment.
    8. Vinyl Chloride levels in Montgomery County, and other counties in the region, already exceed EPA health benchmarks by 10 to 20 times, using 1990 data.
Consider the facts listed above. Consider the significantly elevated cancers in the Greater Pottstown Area. The BIG QUESTION is whether or not it is prudent, reasonable, or defensible to permit Occidental Chemical to increase Vinyl Chloride air emissions whatsoever, or increase any of the other toxics on their list, considering the facts from Occidentalís toxic release inventory and considering what we are currently facing as a community in terms of health risks and problems. If you want to join the army of citizens opposing this Occidental Chemical permit, to increase hazardous emissions in your air by burning landfill gas, contact:

P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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