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Occidental Chemical in Pottstown is # 1 in Vinyl Chloride Releases in the entire United States

According to the Environmental Defense Scorecard for 1998 Total Releases - No other facility in our entire nation releases as much Vinyl Chloride as Occidental Chemical in Pottstown – 121,500 lbs. in 1998

VINYL CHLORIDE is a Recognized CARCINOGEN And the # 1 CANCER RISK in Montgomery County According to 1998 Toxic Release Inventory Ranked by Potential for Human Health Risks

  • Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicant
  • Developmental Toxicant
  • Gastrointestinal or LIVER Toxicant
  • Neurotoxicant
  • Reproductive Toxicant
  • Respiratory Toxicant
  • Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant
    According to 1998 TRI Human Health Hazard Information – Chemical Profile

According to information from Occidental –
In 1999 Occidental Chemical released 130,000 lbs. of VINYL CHLORIDE - a significant increase from 1998. This is a known CARCINOGEN in a county with ALARMING CANCER INCREASES. Occidental in Pottstown is the only reported emitter of Vinyl Chloride in Montgomery County according to DEP. EPA says parts of Montgomery County EXCEED HEALTH BENCH MARKS for VINYL CHLORIDE by 10 to 20 times. Vinyl Chloride is an extremely dangerous chemical that causes harm to human health through inhalation.

According to ATSDR Tox FAQs –
BREATHING high levels of VINYL CHLORIDE for short periods can cause dizziness, sleepiness, unconsciousness, and at extremely high levels can cause death. BREATHING VINYL CHLORIDE for long periods of time can result in permanent liver damage, immune reactions, nerve damage, and liver cancer. Exposure can also occur through skin and eyes.

Occidental Chemical’s Title V permit would allow Occidental the POTENTIAL to EMIT 200,000 lbs. of VINYL CHLORIDE into our air EVERY YEAR for the next 5 years. ASTOUNDING CANCER STATISTICS in the Greater Pottstown Area and Montgomery County would suggest this would be irresponsible permitting.

Given the facts, it is crucial that DEP require Significant Reductions in Occidental’s ‘Potential to Emit’ Vinyl Chloride. Yearly totals should be Much LESS THAN CURRENT emissions of 130,000 lbs. We need actual VINYL CHLORIDE EMISSIONS REDUCED ON AN ANNUAL BASIS for the life of this 5-year hazardous air emissions permit.

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