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Oxy Facts Sheet

Occidental Chemical in Pottstown – 1999 TRI Data Oxy Air Pollution Releases Calculated by HEALTH EFFECT:

129,762 lbs. - Recognized Carcinogens
22,700 lbs. - Suspected Carcinogens
122,000 lbs. - Suspected Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicants
129,760 lbs. - Suspected Developmental Toxicants
7,760 lbs. - Suspected Kidney Toxicants
186,035 lbs. - Suspected Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicants
216,460 lbs. - Suspected Neurotoxicants
122,000 lbs. - Suspected Reproductive Toxicants
216,497 lbs. - Suspected Respiratory Toxicants
216,495 lbs. - Suspected Skin or Sense Organ Toxicants

Whether Occidental has reduced its emissions over the last 10 years is irrelevant, for those facing the health risks from the HAZARDOUS emissions Occidental currently spews into our air every year. The numbers listed above are Occidental’s calculated equivalent air pollution health effects for 1998, according to Scorecard.

As ALARMING as these data are about Occidental Chemical’s TOXIC RELEASES into our AIR, there are other unidentified health threats associated with Occidental’s Releases into our AIR. 32% or 67,000 lbs. of Occidental’s AIR Releases of Noncancer Health Effects are without the information necessary for safety assessment. The MOST THREATENING substance associated with Occidental’s air releases is DIOXIN, which is not measured or evaluated at all.

1998 TRI Pollution Releases Ranked by Potential Human Health Risks VINYL CHLORIDE - Top Ranked CANCER Risk in Montgomery County Occidental Chemical released:

  • 121,500 lbs. of Vinyl Chloride into our air in 1998
  • 130,000 lbs. of Vinyl Chloride into our air in 1999 While Occidental has reduced some air emissions over the last 10 years, the MOST DANGEROUS reported emission to our health, VINYL CHLORIDE INCREASED.

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