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Time To Shut Down The Pottstown Landfill

· 54 years of putting up with a landfill in our community is long enough – A 300 acre gigantic mountain of dangerous waste is enough. No Pottstown Landfill expansion is acceptable.

· Residents in this area have suffered the consequences of living around the Pottstown Landfill’s hazardous gases and leachate long enough.

· While residents are forced to live with the hazardous 300 acre mountain forever, closure would at least bring a stop to the endless avalanche of new hazardous wastes into our communities.

· Area residents have been victimized too much already. Over 32,000 residents live within 3 miles of the Pottstown Landfill. There are thousands of children in many schools and day-cares far too close to hazardous Pottstown Landfill gases. Children who park in near-by parks and playgrounds are already at risk. We can not afford to increase their health threats from this dangerous gas.

1. Far too many people are experiencing a vast variety of illnesses, which research has linked to known hazardous emissions from Pottstown Landfill gas. We can not afford to drag more hazardous substances into this community in hundreds of trucks every day, which will make more extremely dangerous Pottsown Landfill gas.

2. The Pottstown Landfill has lowered property values approximately 20% on average, while some closest to the landfill are lowered 100%. They can not sell their properties for any amount. Some have had auctions and no one even bid on their homes. Perhaps closure would bring some relief to these residents.

Did you realize? · The Pottstown Landfill has taken waste from at least 17 other states and even Canada. Waste Management has forced area residents to live with the consequences of all this out-of-state waste (much of it very hazardous materials), for decades or even forever.

· Mercury Editorial May 19, 1996 – “The Pottstown Landfill has regularly accepted waste from more than 15 counties in PA each year, including as far-away as Susquehanna county to the north and York County to the west. Philadelphia in the 12 months following April 1988 dumped 358,655 tons of its waste in the Pottstown Landfill, a figure that exceeded Montgomery County’s. The scales of waste are out of balance-and its getting worse. Pottstown Landfill expansion will be for the out-of-area haulers who will line the pockets of Waste Management.”

We must unite now as a community and do what ever it takes to STOP THIS THREAT AND AGGRESSION AGAINST OUR QUALITY OF LIFE AND OUR HEALTH. The waste stream into the Pottstown Landfill is going to get even worse since restrictions on radiation and other dangerous chemicals are being relaxed even further. Our governor, our state representatives and our state senator have NOT been willing to STOP us from getting dumped on. They continue to use excuses not to take the steps necessary to stop their friends, the waste industry from destroying our future with this dangerous waste. Local officials have sold out our health and quality of life for money. It is up to us!

P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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