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Landfill Gas Information

State of California Air Resources Board

There is hazardous waste in 86% of 306 landfill sites they tested, regardless of what type of waste the site is known to have accepted. Landfill gas testing results show that non-hazardous landfills may contain concentrations of toxic gases equal to or exceeding those of hazardous landfills.

Pathways for hazardous waste in a landfill to migrate into landfill gas.

Evaporation of hazardous waste deposited in the site.

Biological degradation of hazardous waste to gases.

U.S. EPA 1988 Chemical reaction between wastes which generate gases.

Since household hazardous wastes are allowed to go into non-hazardous waste landfills, even new landfills will produce toxic gases.

The Pottstown Landfill is permitted to accept industrial hazardous wastes, even though in other states there are stringent regulations to keep industrial wastes out of municipal waste landfill.

Potential influence on AIR QUALITY by landfill gas.

Increase in ambient toxic air pollutant concentrations.

Effects on ambient air quality standards.

Increase in the ambient specific contaminant concentrations surrounding the disposal site.

Ambient air samples indicate that toxic chemicals in landfill gas samples are either introduced or overall synthesized within the landfill and can escape through the cover.

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