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In The Pottstown Landfill
And its threat to the Greater Pottstown Area

We believe there is a link to the radiation and the leukemia rate here (which is twice the rate of the state) as well as the elevated infant mortality. There is more than enough evidence here to show lack of knowledge by DEP about radiation and its health impacts, or a cover-up to hide the fact that DEP allowed it to go in the Pottstown Landfill with the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and now neither knows how to protect the public from it.

Still there is a plan to allow even more radiation into all landfills over PA under the guise of safe levels and monitoring for radiation entering landfills. The fox will be watching the hen house all the same and the public will never know how the monitors are calibrated. No one can say it is safe to contaminate an entire mass of waste with low-level radioactive waste, knowing it can harm human health at any level. Until PA DEP can find a way to solve the Pottstown Landfill radiation threat, it is irrational and totally irresponsible to allow radiation into landfills across the state.

The radiation obviously has contaminated the entire mass of waste. Radiation cannot be burned off in any flare or combustion process. We understand it is not possible to filter radiation out of the landfill gas, which spews out from the landfill into our air from 4 full time combustion processes and fugitive emissions 24 hours a day.

The Pottstown Landfill is a prime example of why radiation should not be allowed into consumer products or allowed to be dumped into landfills. This becomes a health and safety risk of unknown proportions for all people who are forced to breathe the landfill gas emissions. Our health risks from the combination of radiation with all the other extremely hazardous substances in landfill gases cannot even be determined at this time.

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