The Alliance For A Clean Environment
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  • American Public Health Association
  • International Association of Firefighters (IAFF)
  • Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers Declared PVC a contaminant to plastics recycling
  • Greenpeace - Alternatives to PVC
  • Center For Health, Environment, and Justice Stop Dioxin Campaign – A National Initiative -
  • Healthy Building Network - www. - Phone (202) 232-4108 Fax (202) 32-0463 2425 18th St. Washington, DC 20009 (202) 232-4108
Phasing out PVC is one objective of the national Healthy Building Network, because its lifecycle seriously threatens environmental and human health. Safer and ecologically superior alternatives exist.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) plastic, commonly called vinyl, is the worst plastic for the environment and human health throughout its lifecycle. Likely the largest material source of dioxin to the global environment, it contains numerous toxins that are released during manufacture, use, and disposal. It is not effectively recycled and contaminates plastics recycling processes.

The Healthy Building Network is a nationwide organization, which advocates the use of safe, ecologically superior building materials as a means to a healthier indoor environment and global environmental preservation. Their mission is to:
  • Identify and promote healthy building policies and practices
  • Support development and use of materials, technologies, and products that are safe for the environment and human health
  • Educate people to work for ecologically sustainable and healthy buildings
  • Advocate environmental justice and improved health for communities and workers disproportionately impacted by the lifecycle hazards of building materials
  • Eliminate the use of materials whose lifecycle, (manufacture, use, and disposal) threatens the environment and human and health
  • The Alliance For A Clean Environment will become an active participant in the Healthy Building Network when we begin our campaign to STOP DIOXIN EXPOSURE IN POTTSTOWN. For More Information:
  • Healthy Flooring Network –

    The Healthy Flooring Network recommends the use of PVC or Vinyl Flooring be AVOIDED, due to wider concerns about its impact on the environment and human health, and specific concerns that phthalate softeners in PVC may contribute to sensitization to asthma. Healthy Flooring Network is a new alliance of individuals and organizations concerned about health, asthma, and allergy links to flooring. Included are:
    • The Women’s Environmental Network
    • Action Against Allergy
    • National Eczema Network UK
    • Friends of the Earth (UK and Scotland)
    • The Association for Environment Conscious Building
    • The London Hazards Center
    • Hazards Magazine
    • Dr. Vyvyan Howard Infant and Fetal Toxicology University of Liverpool
    • Dr. Jill Warner University of Southampton – Southhampton General Hospital
    • Breakspear Hospital Halton Friends of the Earth
    • Food & Chemical Allergy Association
    • British Society for Allergy, Environment and Nutritional Medicine
    • The Migraine Action Association
    • Hyperactive Children’s Support Group
    • Inside Story
    • What Doctors Don’t Tell You

  • This network aims to raise awareness of the link between PVC flooring and health and encourage and promote alternatives.
  • PVC flooring has significant potential to damage our health. PVC has been linked with various health effects including allergic diseases.
  • The presence of high concentrations of some of the chemicals in PVC floors are recognized as hazardous chemicals at both national and international levels, and, in some cases, plans exist to reduce their use or phase them out.
  • PVC flooring is a source of indoor air pollutants due to the use of chemicals in their manufacture. Hazardous chemicals in PVC flooring inevitably lead to human exposure in the indoor environment.
  • PVC flooring samples were found to contain high levels of several organotin compounds, which are used as stabilizers in some PVC products. They are persistent and are TOXIC to the IMMUNE SYSTEM.
  • Research shows that phthalates leach from PVC flooring and are consequently found in dust particles in the home and in wash water from PVC floors.
  • Young children are of particular concern with regard to phthalates in PVC floors. A study of children in Norway found a higher incidence of bronchial obstruction.
  • Flooring makes up a substantial surface area within the home – Young children who breathe and play close to the floor are more likely to be exposed to hazardous chemicals in PVC flooring.

Industry/Business - PVC Phase-Out

Some major Industries and Businesses who either eliminated or began working towards a PVC PHASE-OUT in their products and facilities –
  • HDR Architecture
      Sustainable Design Services recommends that HDR Architecture, wherever possible, seek to ELIMINATE PVC products or products containing PVC components from their products. HDR will specify acceptable substitutes to PVC wherever possible and prudent.
  • DuPont
      DuPont recognized that a growing segment of the design industry OBJECTS to chlorine based materials like PVC. DuPont has recently introduced a chlorine free floor tile to COMPETE with Vinyl and Vinyl Composition tile. There is minimal cost difference in most cases.
  • Nike
      Nike made a public announcement that it will REMOVE PVC ENTIRELY from its products pointing out “the issue for us with PVC is a lifecycle one. At Nike, we believe in looking at the entire product and resource lifecycle. The pure PVC polymer is not toxic, but its LIFECYCLE is very HAZARDOUS to HUMAN HEALTH and the ENVIRONMENT.
  • Sydney 2000 Olympics Village
      Designed with a PVC-free commitment intended to minimize the use of PVC “by selecting alternative materials where they are available, are fit for the purpose and are cost competitive.”
  • JM and Svenska Bostder
      Two of Sweden’s leading construction companies
  • Saab
  • Braun
  • Ikea
  • Lego
  • Mattel
  • Baxter
  • Tenet
  • The Body Shop
  • Universal Health Care
  • Baxter Health Care

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) is a private consensus-based organization made up to architects, designers, builders, and building materials manufacturers. LEED is their rating system which gives points for green behavior.

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