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The Alliance For A Clean Environment

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Current Action Alerts:

Report Strange Odors
To DEP Every Time

Your calls are very important, pollution is a threat we cannot ignore, statistics show that our health is being affected. By contacting the DEP whenever you smell chemicals in the air, they will have to respond.

If you are following a trash truck on the highway with flying debris or it's leaking? Jot down the truck # and company name and report it to the DEP every time.

Become pro-active, call DEP day or night, keep a record of the date, time and location of the odor or truck violation. Keep a copy and please forward a copy to ACE. Your help is vital!

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Contact Governor Rendell

Tell Governor Rendell you need him to protect tens of thousands of people in Pottstown and their children for generations to come.

Ask him to WITHDRAW DEP'S POLLUTION PERMITS to Occidental Chemical and Waste Management in Pottstown because these permits would concentrate some of the most hazardous chemicals known to mankind at Occidental...

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P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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