The Alliance For A Clean Environment
protecting our future
"Protecting Our Future"

ACE Mission Statement

The Alliance For A Clean Environment (ACE) is a non-partisan, non-profit grass-roots organization founded by persons living in the greater Pottstown area.

ACE will work to educate and assure awareness on the part of the public and government concerning the effects of exposure to hazardous substances that create a real potential for harm to human health and the environment.

ACE will seek all ways to eliminate unsafe exposures to these harmful substances which pose serious threats to our community and surrounding communities.

ACE is dedicated to protecting our children from the anguish and hopelessness of toxic exposure. We will do our best to protect the air they breathe, the ground they play on, the toys they play with, the water they drink and bathe in, and the food they eat.

We believe that protecting children from environmental harm is the responsibility of every mother, father, grandparent, and caring human being! Working together we can put an end to premature deaths, illnesses, and injury from environmental hazards.

Together we can overcome the economic power of corporations that pollute for profit. We are the hope for our children's future.

ACE needs your help! Your physical and financial support will help us work towards this critical goal of protecting our future!

P.O. Box 3063
Stowe, PA 19464

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