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The Toxic Triangle - A Major Factor in Shocking Childhood Cancers Rates for the Greater Pottstown Area.

ACE believes we are seeing the effects of a chemical plague, which started in the 1980’s when Waste Management and Occidental Chemical came to town, and the Limerick Nuclear plant went on line. These major pollution sources which we have named “The Toxic Triangle” (the Pottstown Landfill, Occidental Chemical, and Limerick Nuclear Plant) all emit extremely potent carcinogens, within about 5 miles from each other. 24 hours a day, ever day, pregnant mothers in the Greater Pottstown Area, and then their newborn babies, are forced to breathe air filled with the most potent carcinogens (radiation, dioxin, vinyl chloride, benzene and many more). Babies are born with these chemicals in their bodies. Then they are exposed daily through their lungs, skin, and eyes.

Examples of Toxic Triangle Exposure Risks:

• Since 1988, Occidental Chemical has emitted over 1 and ½ million pounds of cancer-causing vinyl chloride into our air. There are over 25 schools and day care centers within two miles of Occidental.

• Pottstown Landfill’s cancer causing emissions could be worse.
    a. Cancer causing chemicals emitted from the Pottstown Landfill are not all required to be reported to EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory. While accurate data is unavailable, we do know that Pottstown Landfill gas emits extremely potent carcinogens into our air 24 hours a day, such as radiation, dioxins, benzene, vinyl chloride, methylene chloride, and many others.

    b. Four combustion sources burn Pottstown Landfill gas seven days a week. Landfill gas, loaded with chlorinated chemicals, produces dioxin as a BY- PRODUCT. There are also carcinogenic fugitive emissions.

    c. Thousands of children attend 29 schools and day-cares in less than 3 miles of the Pottstown Landfill. Extremely carcinogenic Pottstown Landfill gas is emitted into the air these children breathe 24 hours a day, indoors as well as outdoors. Most of these children are also exposed where they live.

    d. Daily, 300 garbage trucks haul all kinds of dangerous wastes into our community, including medical wastes, sewage sludge, low level radioactive wastes, and industrial wastes (including things like asbestos, lead, formaldahyde, arsenic, and mercury).
• Both the Pottstown Landfill and Occidental emit undetermined amounts of DIOXIN into our children’s air. Dioxin can harm children at parts per trillion in their bodies. Dioxin is passed on to our children. Babies are born with dioxin in their bodies. EPA confirms that Dioxin is a potent carcinogen

• Both the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant and the Pottstown Landfill emit low-level RADIATION into our air. It has been established that there is no safe level of radiation. Is it any wonder our children’s cancer rates skyrocket above the national, state, and surrounding county averages?

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