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Press Conference

As part of The Toxic Turnaround Initiative - a program designed to address (and reverse) the dangerous toxic trend in our community - ACE announced a citizens air monitoring initiative known as The Bucket Brigade. (Photo & description)

As William Smedley, executive director of GreenWatch, explained, the buckets are community friendly tools that can be used to take "grab samples," or a snapshot of pollution levels at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend. This will enable anyone to obtain measurements of everyday pollution levels or respond to accidental releases from Occidental Chemical and the Pottstown Landfill.

Dr. Lewis Cuthbert - Press conference statement

Alarming Facts - Statistics for Montgomery County and the Greater Pottstown Area

Pottstown Mayor Nancy Jones - Press conference statement

Bucket Brigade - More details about the bucket brigade as well as information about the One Day Workshop, September 23, 2002

"Blue Vinyl - This clever and poignant film reveals a complex web of alleged corporate conspiracies and the tragic loss of human life from chemical exposure.

Donna Cuthbert - Press conference statement

Occidental Chemical - What our community needs from Occidental Chemical

Schools - A list of schools operating within a short distance from Occidental Chemical

Vinyl Chloride - The health effects of Vinyl Chloride

Dioxin - Factsheet with information from the EPA regarding the toxic effects and more

PVC Phase-Out - Industries and businesses who either eliminated or began working towards a PVC phase-out in their products and facilities

Organizations - Organizations calling for Phase-Out of PVC

Transition - A transition from PVC to safer alternatives

Poison Plastic - More about PVC, the poison plastic

Victims of Exposure - Louise Simon and Anita Martens

Ace Report - A comprehensive video series detailing the causes and effects of the health crisis in our neighborhood. Guests include Lois Gibb (Love Canal), Dr. Jean Flood and many more.

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